Six Steps to Finding the Perfect Interior Designer

The demanding task of selecting a viable interior design company in Dubai to refurbish your home can make you bite your nails in apprehension. While Dubai is teeming with a plethora of credible interior designers, finding one that fits your style and caters to your budgeting needs proves rather challenging. Since you are going to have to live with the results for a long time to come, there can be no room for mistakes. After all, you want your house to look absolutely perfect. That being said, here is a series of steps to help you find the right person for the job:

Step One: Recognize Your Style

Before you go on an interior designer hunt, it is prudent to identify your style first. Invest some time in browsing design-oriented websites and peruse through design inspirations to find a style that catches your eye. Knowing your design preferences can help you select the right designer for the job. Most designers have unique signature styles, while some can cater to a wide array of preferences.

Step Two: Look Through Portfolios

After you have decided what you want and identified a few designers that match your style, it’s time to look at their portfolios and read more about them. Looking at the spaces they have created can help you envisage how your house will turn up.

Step Three: Set a Budget

Before commencing the remodeling venture, it is prudent to set a budget for your project. Some interior designers charge an hourly rate for their services, while others charge a fixed fee. This factor helps you narrow down your choices to the most suitable candidates.

Step Four: Hold Meetings with Designers

It’s time to rendezvous with your short-listed designers for your villa interior design in Dubai. Since some interior designers might charge for these sessions, it’s better to ask in advance so that you can plan accordingly.

Step Five: Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Instead of beating about the bushes, ask any question that comes to your mind so that you know that the interviewed designer is on the same page as you. Inquire about their costs, the duration of the project, their qualifications, experience, and the services they provide.  In addition, ask the designer to provide you with a list of their clients so that you can contact them for referrals. Compare your notes after meeting with all the designers on your list, compare their quotes, and make a list of pros and cons.

Step Six: Sign a Contract

Once you have decided on an interior designer, call them up and sign a contract which specifies budgetary limits, a timeline for the project, responsibilities, and all other important aspects.