Tactical Locations To Install Security Cameras in Your Business Place

Business owners always try to keep their business place safety from intruders and sometimes erring employees. But with trying to keep the business afloat, it is hard to keep track of these malicious activities and when these things go unnoticed, it is more likely that it will repeat again.

Which is why CCTV installation companies in Dubai always try to convince business owners to invest on high quality security cameras so they monitor their establishment 24/7. But apart from picking the best camera, you need to know where exactly to put it to ensure maximum coverage. Here are some location points where you can install your cameras:

Front Door

Front doors of business establishments are open to everyone, so people are free to walk in and out of the store without the hassle of unlocking the door. But it can also be a great security risk. By having a front door CCTV camera, you and your employees can monitor people who comes in and out of the establishment and if something unfortunate happens, you can a video recording to serve as reference on identifying felons and it can serve as evidence as well.

Cash Register

Businesses run through cash flows that are accounted from everyday transactions. However, there are times when there have been anomalies with the daily transactions and some business owners find themselves short on their daily accounting. If this happens quite often, it would be best to put a security camera on the cash register to know if something anomalous happens on the cashier section. It would also prevent employees from doing malicious acts, especially the ones who are handling the cash register.

Stock Room and Delivery Ramp

Store and retail managers often finds themselves short on inventory or valuable goods. At times, the shortage starts with unmonitored stock rooms and delivery ramps. If these places are unsupervised, there is a high chance that employees will be temp to check out goods and products without proper authorization. Many companies who install security cameras on these locations proved that there have been fall on shortage of goods and they can easily track the people who are coming in and out of the stock room and as well as product removals and check outs.

Back door and rear entrances

Back doors and rear entrances are easy targets of burglars and intruders since it is mostly unsupervised. Sadly, most business owners tend to disregard these spaces as well. To monitor these locations, it would be best to put a security camera and alarm system to deter possible burglary.


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