Information about Brazilian keratin hair treatment

Brazilian keratin hair treatment has been given thumbs up by many ladies who love hairdos. This is one hairdo treatment that is sure to change your perception as regards taking care of your hair. This hair treatment is being embraced by many ladies not just in Brazil but also in North America and Western Europe. Brazilian keratin is applicable on all kinds of hair that can be treated chemically. This is including bleached, permed, colored and also natural hair.

Just like the name suggests, the Brazilian keratin hair treatment originated and developed in this vast country called Brazil. This is arguably because Brazil is a country where many women are literally obsessed with hair doing. Most Brazilian women are perfectionists when it comes to do their hair. This is to mean that you can mess up with anything else and get away with it but not their hair. The keratin treatment is innovative in nature and significantly changes or transforms one’s hair through the use of keratin.

Keratin penetrates the hair and repairs any internal damage. It creates a protective layer which prevents any further damage that may have been going on prior to the keratin application. The ultimate results of Brazilian keratin application are a revived hair that is straight, smooth and silky. These magnificent results from Brazilian hair treatment last for an average of 3 months under normal conditions. However, such duration is dependent on how frequently you wash your hair and also the type of such hair. Following your hair treatment with keratin, all your peers will be quick to note a drastic change to your hair for the better without you having to tell them about it.

Many women are always worried as to whether Brazilian keratin treatment is applicable to hair that had been chemically treated on previous occasions. This is because there are people who spread rumors that this is not possible. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The treatment can indeed be done on hair that had been previously treated chemically irrespective of the fact that one may have used too many chemicals on their hair in the past. Moreover, it can also be done after your hair has been colored and highlighted.

As to how long the Brazilian keratin treatment stays on your hair, this will depend on your hair type as well as how you take care of your hair after the keratin treatment. It is highly recommended that you let your hair stay for about 3 days before you can shampoo or use any hair bands or clips on it. To complete the look, get a manicure and pedicure in Dubai too.