Innovation is the Name of the Game

Students are regarded as the catalysts for change and investing money and time on them is what ensures a bright future for the mankind. The British school Dubai has been practicing highest standards of quality when it comes to imparting education to the leaders of future. It’s not an easy task to make a student or a group of students stand out from the rest but Dubai’s openness to the latest innovation in the world has made the job easier for the companies working in the region. The continued growth in Dubai’s education market has further intensified the competition as there are constantly new schools to compete against for the well-established ones.

The willingness to adopt innovation has opened floodgates of students seeking their higher studies completed in Dubai. According to a research conducted by the Parthenon Group this year, Dubai’s transnational student market has become one of the fastest growing in the world and augmented by 15 percent in the last few years to 148 million U.S. dollars. According to an estimate, the overall revenue base for the UAE’s higher education market has surpassed 1 billion U.S. dollars with the UAE-based universities posting tremendous growth in numbers for the recent years, both on enrolments and revenues fronts.

Growth visible in both graduate, undergraduate programs

The UAE-based universities have grown annually at 8-10 percent with the total student base across the local and international universities at more than 162,000 students, of which, Dubai alone is a host to more than 60,000 students. Out of these 60,000 students, 20 percent are graduate students while the remaining 80 percent students are studying the undergraduate level programs. The local education market is booming to the extent that more than 175,000 additional seats would be required in the K-12 segment alone in the next four years, and private schools are likely to fetch 90 percent of this number.

As per another latest report by the PwC, Dubai is slated to need another 74,500 seats in around 50 new private schools by the Year 2020 while Abu Dhabi would be requiring 62,000 additional seats in about 52 new private schools by the same period. The situation offers a very nice predicament for the parents as they get to choose from an increasing number and better quality of schools for their kids. Click here to know more about how parents can further ensure quality education for their kids in Dubai.