Modern Bride’s Guide On Wedding Flowers and Bouquets

Brides, like the time, evolved as well. These non-traditional brides-to-be are quite meticulous on their taste and preferences, especially with wedding flower decorations and bouquets.


If you are on the process of planning for your wedding decorations and bouquet, these questions and corresponding


  1. Does the decoration needs to be all over the place?


That would depend on the theme of your wedding. There are wedding themes that would require lots of flower arrangement for the decorations – from the church or the wedding site to the reception. And the arrangement varies in size, type of flowers, and uses. The usual are the venue decorations that uses blooms and florals to accentuate the design or backdrop, and the centerpieces. Hanging flower arrangement can be optional. To determine the volume, it would be best to talk to your wedding planner so you can gauge if it is too much for your taste. Be vocal on what you want with the flower decorations so your planner can understand.


  1. Do I have to carry a bouquet?


Again, that would depend on the bride. There are some unconventional brides that want alternatives for their bridal bouquet like paper bouquet and even food bouquet. Some prefer not to carry one. Although bridal bouquet is a bridal tradition, no one can stop you if you don’t want to carry a bouquet. But if people insists, maybe you can compromise and carry a simple and small one instead.


  1. How about my bridesmaids?


Bridesmaids’ flowers are much smaller than the brides’ as to not outshine the bride. Usually it is the smaller version of the bride’s bouquet. However, in this modern day and age, some brides prefer their bridesmaid to wear corsage and not bouquet. This is ideal especially if you prefer your bridal bouquet small and simple. You might have to consult with your wedding planner and bridesmaids to get some ideas, but be sure that at the end of the day, your decision will be respected.


  1. What will I do with it after the wedding?


Modern brides are more practical and pragmatic. Usually, flower decorations are left to be thrown after the event. But there are brides who prefer to take them home and rearrange them so they can use it for their home décor. Do not be embarrassed to ask your wedding planner if you can take them at home. Better yet, consult with your florist on how you can upcycle them, including your bouquet.


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