Read This Before Buying New Tyres

You love your car and would do anything to give it a great look and enhance its performance. Adding quality tyres to your car will give you just that. However, with so many brands available in the market, picking the right set of tyres can be a tricky affair. That is because most car owners do not give much attention to tyres. Some are just happy having factory fitted tyres, a fact that indicates that they do not know the benefits of quality tyres. If you are among those car owners, reading this will help you buy the best brand like continental tyres for your car:

Know Your Tyres

Before knowing which continental tyres to buy, you need to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, you should know the size of tyres that will fit properly in your car. Keep in mind that picking the wrong size will not fit rightly. Even a minor difference in the size of tyre will not do. In other words, 15″ would not fit in size 14″. You need the exact size, the same as your vehicle. Only then, it will properly fit and will provide great performance.

Read Sidewall Information

Are you wondering about the purpose of sidewall info on your tyre? If so, you are not the only one. Many car owners do not know how to read the info. You see markings, numbers and letters written on it. These are meant to provide you information such as the size of your tyre, height to width ratio, design of radial and diameter of Tyre Rim in inches. In short, it contains complete information about your tyre so pay attention to the sidewall information before buying continental tyres.

Knowing What Tyres Will Fit Well To Your Vehicle

Start by identifying the type of car you drive, be it van, sports model, sedan, SUVs, pickup or luxury. Then, determine the type of tyre that will be a perfect fit to your vehicle. Once you are done with, identify the brand and look for a suitable tyre. Tyres meant for different brands of cars have an identification mark on them so reading it properly will make it easy to pick the right make and brand. Also, check the recommended air pressure for summers and winters. You will find this information in your tyre’s manual. Visit website to find more information about tyres.