Suppliers That First-Time Event Suppliers Need To Have

The event organizing industry is a pretty lucrative business. With lots of events and occasion needing professional staging, more and more event organizers are needed to fulfill this task. And for aspiring event organizers, starting an events company is easier, given that you have the right contacts with you.

If you are planning on starting your own events firms, here are some list of contacts that should be on top of your list:

  • Catering service

Food is a very important part of an event. More than the event itself, guests and attendees are looking forward on tasting what the event organizers have to offer. It will also keep the guests and attendees busy while there is nothing happening in the event. Plus, it will keep your guest’s mood happy. It is a must that you have a list of caterers on your events book, just in case you will be booked for more than one event on the same day. Also, you need to give your clients more options when it comes to dishes, so having more than one caterer to partner with is an excellent idea.


  • Photographer and videographer

Documentation is crucial to an event, especially for weddings and family occasions. You need to find the best team of Dubai wedding photographer to serve your clients in this department. When scouting for a photo studio to partner with, you need to check their body of work and the capability of their team. They must be flexible to handle any kind of event and have the eye to determine the best shots and execute a moving documentation. Like the caterer, be sure you have a couple of photographers on your list.

  • Event stylist

Back then, events and occasion were bare and uninteresting. But a lot of event organizers figure out that the best way to draw people is to entice them through visuals, hence, the event styling. The job of an event stylist is broad and intricate at the same time. The concept would highly depend on the theme. Your event stylist must know how to create stunning event designs and concept based on what idea is given to him. And he should have a team that can fabricate and install these designs.


  • Lights and sound company

The work of your event stylist will go to waste if you don’t have adequate lighting. Usually, a lighting company can provide both the lights and the sound. This team will be working hand-in-hand with the event stylist to get the right combination of lights for the event.

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